10 Reasons Why a German Shepherd is a Perfect Dog


The dog is a loyal friend, and the German Shepherd is a true testament to that.

All dog lovers will tell you all the best about this breed of dog for a reason. German Shepherds have been considered to be the most obedient and smartest dogs for decades, so we have decided to present to you 10 reasons why a German Shepherd is a perfect dog.


There are not many breeds that can match German Shepherd when it comes to loyalty. These are dogs that are literally ready to give their life for their owners. If this dog lives in a large family, he will be faithful to every member of the family and will protect and love them for the rest of their lives.

2. Protection

In addition to being smart and playful, these dogs are primarily good guards. Although they are an aggressive breed, they rarely attack and threaten another person. They are great backyard dogs that will protect you from unwanted guests. Of course, training is crucial.

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3. Love

These dogs are known for their love they give to their owners. They will show you that they love you and will constantly seek your attention. They really are like huge plush toys.

4. Training

Research has shown that German Shepherds are one of the easiest breeds to train. This means that without much trouble, in a short time, you can teach them different things.

5. Fun

What is certain is that with German Shepherd you will have lots of fun. These are cheerful and interesting dogs who sometimes know how to be very coy and funny. They will always be in the mood to play.

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6. Water

These are the dogs that adore water. They like to swim, and even dive. They are a great partner for summer, so feel free to take them to the lake, river or sea.

7. Walk

This is a dog that is full of energy and requires you to walk it regularly and for a long time. So if you are an active guy who likes to train or run, German Shepherd is for you. You can go running with him or even ride a bike. Don’t worry, he’ll follow you.

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8. Pride

No dog will be able to make you feel as powerful and proud as a German Shepherd. Everyone will look at you and admire your friend, and if you teach him some interesting tricks, then you will be the main guy in your neighborhood.

9. Health

When you buy a dog, the tendency to get sick is also very important. The German Shepherd is a dog that is rarely ill and most likely will not have many health problems during its lifetime. If you give him all the care he needs on time, this dog will be as healthy as it can be.

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10. Smart

If you want a smart dog that will literally understand your every word, then German Shepherd is the dog for you. After border collies and poodles, this is the smartest dog in the world. He is able to memorize an incredible number of words and train himself to perform various functions. This is why this is the most popular police dog.

If you do not have a dog and are considering which dog to take, trust us that you will not go wrong if you take a German Shepherd. He will be a loyal friend for the rest of his life.

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