10 Things That Appeal to Women More Than Physical Appearance


We agree that physical appearance is very important and that you will have more success with women if you look more handsome, but not everything is in physical appearance.

Although a handsome man may more easily attract a woman’s gaze, there are many other masculine characteristics that are more attractive to women.

We present to you 10 things that appeal to women more than the physical appearance.

When a man loves children

Let’s be realistic, this trait can only help you if the woman also loves children. Since there are women who do not like and do not want children, this feature will not be of help to you. Still, most women love seeing a man who loves children and is able to deal with them. It’s a matter of psychology. A woman wants to one day feel like a proud mother, and a man who loves children is the right man for her.

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A sense of humor

A sense of humor is definitely a characteristic that all women seek in a man. Looking like Brad Pitt won’t help you if you’re boring and uninteresting. Women love to laugh and love to have fun, and if they have a witty man who can make them laugh at all times, then it’s a winning combination.


You don’t have to be beautiful to be confident. Women love men with confidence who are confident in themselves and in their manhood. They know how to make a decision for themselves and are very confident about what they do, and that is incredibly sexy to women.

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Positive, optimistic thinking

No one likes pessimists and people with a negative view of the world. Optimists are a different story, they are cheerful and always look at every obstacle and problem with a smile. Women are looking for that, a man who will positively cross all obstacles with them.

The ability to “listen”

Every man knows how to listen, but women are looking for the one who “listens” to the woman. When we say that a man listens, it doesn’t mean that he should follow every command of his wife. Women seek perfect communication with men, and a man who listens to the advice, opinions, and problems of his more beautiful half is a sure winner.

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A neat and tidy man

Women love to get ready and be at their best at every opportunity, and they expect it from their stronger half. A man doesn’t have to be pretty to be neat and tidy. Regular haircut, beard trimming, ironing, scented perfumes, and much more can make women “go crazy” for you.


Respect is definitely one of the most important factors for a successful relationship. Mutual respect is the key to everything. There is no woman who does not want a man who will appreciate and respect her. If you clearly show the girl that you are a man who will respect her, you have a great chance of winning her heart.


Women love successful men. A man who has no ambition and does not want to achieve something in his life may be good for a few months, but women will definitely not want to spend the rest of their lives with him. So, ambition is the main thing. If you make it clear to a woman that you are working on yourself and that you have a bright future, you will surely awaken the fervor in her heart.


We all know that romance is the strongest power a man can use on a woman. Women simply have a weakness for romantic things. But the main point is not just to be romantic. We agree that it is wonderful to give bouquets of roses, sweets and play songs under the balcony, but women want to see that you care about them. Just show them attention, call them regularly, and they will understand the message you are trying to send them.


Smoking, drinking and eating bad food will certainly not help you win women’s hearts. Women love healthy men. It’s not terrible to have a drink from time to time, but if that’s your main interest, women will simply bypass you. Also, you need to keep an eye on training. You will not be healthy if you just eat properly, you need to train and have a healthy body. Women who want children will look at these traits the most, as they will not want children with unhealthy persons.

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