11 Things That Have Totally Changed or Disappeared in The Last 20 Years


It’s very surprising when you think that very soon people born in 2000 will turn 20? Kids aren’t the only ones who change with age; it’s also happening to the planet, technology and to us as well.

Famous people are now wearing more casual clothes, women are no longer going to tanning booths as much as before, and tattoos aren’t only popular with rebels. Brightside has highlighted several things that have changed the most since in the past 20 years.

Rich people don’t brag about being rich

One on side you have Paris Hilton, who was tirelessly showing how much money she has and what kind of luxury life she lives, and on the other side, nowadays, popular celebrities are actually more inclined to look relaxed and conceal their own wealth.

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Some scary subcultures are gone

Emo kids and other slightly twisted subcultures are a rare occasion these days. Today’s kids are more inclined to Instagram trends.

We can see the universe more clearly than ever

Technology has improved so much that scientists have been able to capture the photos of Pluto with all its craters.

Cats can’t sleep on TVs any longer

LCD TVs are one of the favorite wonders of modern technology for humans, but cats are certainly not overly enthusiastic. They can’t sleep on TV as they did during the reign of old, massive TVs.

700 years old glacier has melted in Iceland

The first Icelandic glacier to disappear due to rising temperatures received its monument last month, with locals even organizing a funeral.

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It’s not that hard to portray a dragon in a movie today

At the beginning of this century, filmmakers were tormented by special effects that didn’t look too real anyway. Now, it’s hard to believe that mythical creatures, dinosaurs, dragons, and other monsters are just incredibly good animations.

Women’s eyebrows are much wider

Women used to have very thin eyebrows, some even completely removing them and drawing thin lines above their eyes with makeup. Today’s trends dictate a completely different look, so women tend to have as thick eyebrows as possible.

People in colorful sportswear are no longer exercising on TV

In the ’90s and 2000s, on most TV programs, there was at least one morning show where cheerful people in colorful clothes exercised in front of the camera so that anyone at home could join them and practice in front of the small screen. That trend doesn’t exist today, but there are coaches and sports fans who exercise and post on social networks while wearing colorful, tight and simple clothing.

Monocycles don’t have seats or pedals

Previously, only the bravest and most adept knew how to ride old school monocycles well, and today, riding them is much easier, given that they are mostly electric, have no seat or pedals, and have a much wider wheel.

Many different people have tattoos

Twenty years ago, tattoos were associated with rebels, prisoners, and other undesirable groups of people. Today they are one of the most popular and desired fashion accessories among all groups and ages.

Tanning salons aren’t so trendy any more

At the beginning of the century, most people went to tanning salons in order to get as much tan as possible. People still like to go to tanning salons, but you will rarely see someone with an almost orange skin color.

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