20 things you didn’t know about animals


If you thought that you would not know anything more about the animal kingdom, you were cheated.

Although the man is at the top of the evolution, the animals have many more skills and qualities that man does not possess and can only envy.

Read the skills you did not know about animals.

The First Animal You See in This Picture Can Tell You Important Things About Your Personality

  1. The chameleon language can be as long as its body.
  2. The Cheetah can reach a speed of 90km per hour for an incredible three seconds.
  3. The oldest turtle on Galapagos has lived for 152 years.
  4. One hump camel is rarely sweating and is able to drink 110 liters of water in less than 15 minutes.
  5. The Royal Cobra is the biggest poisonous snake and can even kill an elephant with its biting.
  6. Vids are held hands-free during sleep so that they do not get lost.
  7. A blue shark can sense a drop of blood in 95 liters of water, and it can also be detected at just under 5 kilometers.
  8. In China, a death penalty is given for killing a panda.
  9. Koala Bear is not actually a bear, but a marsupial and sleeps daily for 18 hours.
  10. She can kill a lion with her beak.
  11. Elephants can feel the water and a few kilometers away.
  12. As people differ on the fingerprint, so do dogs differ in their footprint.
  13. The turtle on Galapagos can sleep 16 hours a day, and without food and water, it can withstand a year.
  14. The loudest land animal is a monkey, a scapegoat whose screams are heard at a distance of five miles.
  15. You will never see two tigers having the same pattern on their fur.
  16. Sea horses find love for their entire life. When they find her, they stick together for the turnips.
  17. Butterflies try food with their feet.
  18. Squirrels often adopt small squirrels left by their parents.
  19. A whale-out-of-the-way whale is eaten daily by a ton of fish and squid.
  20. Chameleons change the color of their skin with the change of their emotions.
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