25 Strange Things We Inherit From Parents


Children from parents inherit character and certain skills. The child usually receives 50% of the DNA from the mother and the same amount from the father. Scientists claim that a child’s creative traits are inherited from the parent, and the development of these traits depends on the parents’ capabilities.

Here’s a list of 25 things we inherit from our parents:

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  1. Insomnia – Research from 2017 found that a child inherits insomnia if the mother suffers from insomnia.
  2. Fraudulent – They say that the hereditary tendency to deceive other people without a bit of conscience.
  3. Driving ProblemsUniversity of California experts have proven that the gene for poor driving ability is inherited.
  4. Facial expression. Psychologists say that in any case, we inherit facial expressions from our parents.
  5. Anxiety when visiting a dentist. Scientists have proven that if at least one parent does not like to visit the dentist, the child may inherit this fear.
  6. Tolerance to pain. Each person has their own pain threshold, but four genes are responsible for it, and those genes are inherited.
  7. Production of dopamine (pleasure hormone). According to studies published in 2015, some people inherit a gene from both parents that reduces dopamine production.
  8. Craving for caffeine. In 50% of cases, children inherit a desire for caffeine from both parents.
  9. Relationships with Others. If a person has a particular gene, it means that it will be popular with peers.
  10. The habit of putting things away for later.
  11. Risk, fearlessness.
  12. Optimism.
  13. Empathy.
  14. Sneezing when looking at the sun.
  15. Gullibility.
  16. Light Sleep Mode.
  17. Increased sweating.
  18. Musical taste.
  19. Addiction to diabetes.
  20. Aggressive behavior.
  21. Athletics.
  22. Intellectual abilities.
  23. Aging.
  24. Bitter Food Addiction.
  25. Addiction to sweets.

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