3 Zodiac Signs That Are Skilled Manipulators


Manipulation doesn’t have to be a negative thing, but it’s almost always abused and exploited for personal gain, usually at the cost of other people.

People born in these three Zodiac signs are prone to intriguing and they are also very skilled manipulators


With Scorpio, you never know what to expect from them. When they recognize an easy prey, they start making secret plans, in order to take the full advantage of you. Really soon, they will completely manipulate you, with you even noticing that.

If everything isn’t going by their rules, even if it seems normal, you can bet that you won’t go unpunished, because they are carefully plotting against you.

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People born in Gemini Zodiac signs are constantly changing their minds and attitudes. They are very flexible, however, it doesn’t take long for someone to realize their lack of character.

Gemini are prone to plot between certain people in order to have fun. Because of that they can’t maintain long-lasting friendships.

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Cancers are very emotional people. When they feel threatened, they are ready for anything. Especially when it’s about endangering the safety of their family.

Because of their high IQ, these Zodiac signs are will very skillfull at manipulating people. If they don’t like someone’s behaviour, they can pretend to be their friends, will often give them an emotional support, but at the end they will achieve their goal by completely manipulating them.

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