3 Zodiac Signs That Expect You to Follow Them Intellectually in The Footsteps


When it comes to the signs of the zodiac, three signs stand out when it comes to choosing the characteristics that are expected from the partner.

Maybe we expect from a person to be an artistic soul, to express, to be versatile, or we simply want someone with a good sense of humor, who will always make us smile sweetly.

We have all been through this, and we can freely say that it is stronger than us to hope that our partner will be the other half of our dreams. These signs are claimed to be among the most intelligent, so it is not surprising that they are demanding when choosing a partner.

It is this intelligence that leads them to expect their partner to follow in their footsteps when it comes to the mind, that is, its clarity, as well as to provoke them in the intellectual field.

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These are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. These signs belong to a group of thinkers and are very often in search of mental contests. They are eager for new knowledge and life experiences. They are not satisfied with half-hearted information and often dig to the very core of the problem.

There is a great deal of curiosity and desire to learn in their being, so it is quite expected that they will not be interested in a person who is not prone to such aspirations. If you share opinions with us that the most desirable men are, namely, the intelligent ones, then Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are the ones you should pay attention to.


The main characteristic of Gemini is their incomparable wit, accompanied by generous curiosity. Although their connection to the planet Mercury means that they never lack a topic for conversation, they do not particularly enjoy chatting.

After all, why waste time chatting when you can have a really deep and meaningful conversation with a certain person? Their curiosity can be really intense, so it is quite certain that they will lose interest in a person who does not have an equally curious mind.

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You will find it difficult to capture a shooter at any time. This is not due to the fact that they rise high or are inconspicuous, but because they possess a deep intellectual curiosity that elevates them mentally, metaphorically, and literally from things in the environment. They cannot sit still while the worm of curiosity digs in them.

They are always in the focus of things, eager for new experiences, acquaintances, and temptations. Their ruling planet Jupiter refers to spreading, growing, and taking risks. Sagittarians need someone with the same intense and passionate view of the world.


We call Aquarius a rebel among the signs of the Zodiac. Nothing less is expected from the sign ruled by Uranus. A planet associated with freedom and a revolutionary vision gives this sign a handful of energy to explore. Aquarius is full of contradictions.

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While on the one hand, they choose to engage in humanitarian work and make the world a better place to live, that desire is not driven by emotions, but rather stems from an analytical point of view and requires radical solutions. Aquarius is a hard nut to crack and to open it, you need a high level of intelligence.

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