3 Zodiac Signs That Will Check Your Phones The Most


Pisces and Cancer are water signs, and both are known for their emotionality, as are Leo.

These 3 zodiac signs do the most to check their partner’s phones!

The isolation measures introduced due to the COVID-19 half-pandemic spread have probably tested the relationship with a partner for many, and if you use the fact that your partner is mostly near you to ‘check’ his phone a bit, you are not the only one.

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A recent survey showed that 33 percent of people check their partner’s phones every day, and 39 percent – every other day.

Researchers from the OnBuy.com website also found that Leo, Cancers and Pisces will most often peek into a partner’s intimacy – in the survey, as many as three-quarters of Leo said they view messages from partners, as do 71 percent of Cancers and 69 percent of Pisces.

PsychicWorld who commissioned this study says ‘this is not surprising because the Fiery Lions are known for their desire for control and dominance and cannot allow suspicion to creep into a relationship’.

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“They would rather take the truth into their own hands than wait,” PsychicWorld said. Pisces and Cancer are water signs, and both are known for their emotionality. In addition, they are very intuitive, so if their partners give them the slightest reason to doubt, they will surely check for themselves whether they should worry – they said, and they say that Sagittarius, Virgo and Aquarius are the exact opposite.

Only 19 percent of Sagittarius, 15 percent of Virgos and 11 percent of Aquarius check the phones of their partners. Of all those surveyed, 59 percent found what they feared and confirmed to them that they had reason to suspect.

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Approximately 44 percent found that their partner was watching porn without them, and 34 percent found photos of people of the opposite sex and evidence of infidelity.

The study surveyed 2,112 people to find out what percentage of partners check messages, and then determine what percentage of members of each sign.

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