5 Habits of One of The Richest People in The World


The wealth of the richest man in the world is estimated at $ 121.1 billion. These are Jeff Bezos‘ habits that anyone can adopt.

You may not become a billionaire, but you will certainly be more successful.

1. He takes it easy in the morning

While some people get out of bed and want to get everything done as soon as possible, Bezos does things slowly. As he said, he never sets up the alarm but allows himself to wake up on his own. He then spends time reading the news and enjoying breakfast with his wife and children.

Psychologists also recommend Bezos’ routine, emphasizing the benefits of enjoying the day. If you get out of bed worried about a meeting or barely have time to drink coffee, the rest of your day will also be full of stress.

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2. He holds important meetings before lunch

Ask any expert on productivity and they will tell you that you should always handle the most difficult tasks first. However, we all sometimes procrastinate until the last moment, and even when important deadlines are at stake.

Bezos usually schedules important meetings before lunch. Usually, his meetings start at 10:00, after a light morning routine.

In addition, his meetings are usually short and do not involve too many people at once. He describes this as the “Two Pizza Team”, which means that if the people in the meeting can’t be fed with two pizzas – there are too many.

3. He washes his dishes

Although his wife never spoke about this, Bezos himself says that washing dishes after lunch is “the sexiest thing he does.” While it is not entirely clear why it does, several studies point to the positive effects that dishwashing has on humans.

So one study found that dishwashers have more of a creative charge because simple mechanical tasks allow us to think about different things.

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4. Sleeps eight hours a day

No matter how healthy you eat or go to the gym if you do not have a healthy sleep habit you will be in big trouble.

Because of this, Jeff Bezos makes every effort to have at least eight hours of sleep each night. He once said that this habit is important to him because he thinks better and is in a more cheerful mood when he has enough rest.

“As a CEO, you get paid to make a small number of quality decisions,” he said.

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5. Plans in the long run

In case you didn’t know, the Amazon website originally sold books. Over time, Bezos’s business progressed, and he sacrificed some things along that thorny path so that he could reach his final destination.

He knew, for example, that someday book readers would become popular, so he aimed his users gradually in that direction and eventually created Kindle.

In business, as in life, the ability to see a broader picture or to see for years and decades in advance will be what sets you apart.

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