5 Habits That Men Should Not Lose When They Get Married


What many people admire today when they meet an older married couple on the street is their closeness, expressed by the simplest act of holding hands.

And it is precisely the touch of the palms that is the first thing men in marriage ignore, and what women seek. These are habits that men should not lose when they get married.

Small things that no man should stop doing when he gets married may seem banal, but they are also the basis for a long and good marriage.

1. Hand holding

The simplest act of being together and belonging to one another that couples maintain at the beginning of a relationship without talking is holding hands. Although it sounds banal, the importance of this type of touch and the fact that many women insist on it is justified.

Specifically, a study conducted in Sweden included happily married women who were exposed to stressful situations. Following their brain activity when exposed to mild electric shocks, they showed a 45 percent lower response to stress during the time these women held their husbands by the hand.

Touching brings us together, causes the release of happiness hormones and intensifies each other’s feelings.

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2. Walking side by side

Over the years, men have lost their protective sense towards women, namely the act of conquest. Therefore, it is a bad habit to forget about your spouse in public when you two are finishing some errands. Instead of walking by her side, men tend to walk a few steps ahead.

That is one of the worst habits that married men have. A shared walk, side by side, also largely signifies a sense of belonging and protection. You do not have to be in close contact, but to walk side by side is to look toward a common future.

3. Opening the door

One of the rules of every etiquette is that the gentleman opens the door for the lady, but today’s lack of cavaliers has displaced such a banal act. Every woman will admit, no matter how independent and self-conscious she is, that such a gesture is one of the most beautiful expressions of respect for her.

It’s the same for married ladies. In marriage, every man should remain a gentleman until the end.

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4. Travel Together

A look at the beginning of each couple’s relationship also includes memories from the trips. Traveling together, even for a day trip near your home, will awaken the feeling of being in love, the urge to re-discover the character of the person we love and, most importantly, bring spouses closer together.

Studies have shown that women are the ones who plan trips, and men consider them a hassle, which is completely wrong. Passion and love in a relationship should be refined with this occasional compromise.

5. Cleanliness and hygiene

Fragrant, clean and tidy – men are like that at the beginning of a relationship. They are like that during the process of conquering the woman of their dreams. But the ring on the arm seems to relieve them of any need to take care of themselves.

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More specifically, they expect the wife to take care of clean clothes, scattered socks on the floor, and a wet floor in the bathroom after a shower. But the wife is not a mom and that should not be forgotten. Namely, these little things are the most common causes of strife in marriage, and men are the problem.

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