5 Things That Will Make Any Man Cry


Although the stronger sex often refuses to admit it, there are things that can make them sad, and we single out five things that will make any man cry.

When the team they love loses in football

We are not sure if it’s the amount of beer they dring during the game, or whether it is a thought that life will be just a series of failures from now on – but tears are very easy to flow in situations like this.

R.E.M., Everybody hurts

Officially, this is the song that made most Brits cry. You may think you’re too cool to ever cry over a planetary hit, but the truth is, there are songs that can reach you when you least expect it. Of course, it’s not necessarily this track from REM, but we’re sure every man has some musical soft spot.


Don’t ever think it’s not manly to go to a psychiatrist – if Tony Soprano could, you can too. In a way, this is a trap where, in addition to the armchair, you will find a large box of tissues that you instinctively accept in this safe environment. As we said, Tony cried before Dr. Melfi, you shouldn’t be embarrassed.

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Unexpected bonding with his father

This is the thing that most often happens completely by accident – while repairing a door or installing a light bulb. However, the moment at which the whole father-son relationship becomes a shared experience, it will make you remember your childhood.

Win an important award

Despite all attempts to remain humble, this situation, which changes many people’s lives, is not easy to control. It’s okay to slip a tear but remember – in the future, probably everyone will know you as the one who cried.

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