5 Zodiac Signs That Will Leave You With No Explanation


Some signs of Zodiac have no problem disappearing like ghosts without any explanations…

If they feel neglected and think that your relationship is not working these Zodiac signs will leave you without any explanation.

We present to you the signs that will most likely leave you without explanation.


This is the first among other signs that will leave you without an explanation. Aries live spontaneously and adventurously, and they constantly change their minds. Also, they may think that they are madly in love with you at some point, and then suddenly they will leave you without warning. Rest assured that their reluctance has nothing to do with you.

They run from person to person because they do not know exactly what they want. Without thinking about what excites them and what creates “butterflies in their stomach” they should take the time and think about what will make them happy in the long run.

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Virgos are always burdened with obligations. They have a hectic life. If they like you, the relationship will work. But if they do not love you, then they will not be gentle to you at all and they will most definitely disappear.

Moreover, they are convinced that this is actually the right move. You only have to understand that they are no longer interested in you and that you have to move on with life.

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Libra always has good intentions. They are not trying to be cruel at all. But their problem is facing others. When they realize that the relationship is not working, they will try to disappear as quickly as possible. They will never explain why they decided to leave you because such a conversation would be too painful for them and not just for you.

The idea of breaking your heart greatly affects them. It’s easier for them to disappear and to stop fooling around, hoping you will understand. The Libras think you will calm down and forget the failed relationship with them.


Scorpios want to have fun. They want to be the center of attention. They like to meet new people and make new friendships. In short, their hobby is flirting. If you meet them briefly, they assume you’re not interested in going out with them just because they were dear to you. Avoid assumptions and dramatic situations. Members of this sign would rather leave than be part of complicated situations.

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They have a bad habit of disappearing because they underestimate their importance. They find it a great thing when they ignore your messages because they assume that their silence will not bother you. Honestly, when Aquarius leaves you, they don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

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