6 Emotionally Most Intelligent Zodiac Signs


If you are characterized by highly developed empathy, concern for others’ feelings and consideration towards others, this could be an indicator of high emotional intelligence.

Although it is measured by certain psychological tests, astrologers claim that certain zodiac signs are special for that characteristic. These are the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs.


Cancers are special in giving others confidence and a sense of being able to talk to them about their feelings. Also, Cancers are good listeners, they love to help others by looking for solutions to their problems. In addition, they enjoy emotional attachments to others, most commonly manifesting in showing empathy and connecting with others’ feelings.

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Gemini never tries to suppress or ignore their feelings, especially the negative ones, which is why they are among emotionally intelligent people. They solve their problems in their own special way. When something bothers them, they will quickly open up and say everything that they want to say. Although they can sometimes be annoying when confronted, they will never passively approach the problem and cover it up to avoid unpleasant consequences.


Leos are very self-aware and clearly know their weak points, but also the virtues that elevate them among others. Also, whatever they do, they always strive to progress and improve themselves because they always want to be the best version of themselves. In addition, they are kind and willing to help and work hard to understand others.

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Virgos are one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac, but they also have an analytical mind, which is why they can explain everything in detail. Because of this, they easily distinguish what they need from what they really want and always try to understand themselves by analyzing themselves and others. Still, they try to keep their emotions to themselves, but they don’t exclude taking others’ emotions into consideration and understanding them. Also, whatever they do, Virgos always try not to hurt anyone with their decisions and actions to make them feel better.


Libra are emotionally intelligent because they know how to read people. This means that they read seamlessly between the lines, think of other people’s words and clearly understand the non-verbal speech. In relationships with other people, they know what they need by observing their body language and behavior. They are very intuitive and listen to their inner voice and rarely respond without thinking. They also don’t make decisions suddenly or recklessly.

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Pisces is considered to be the least empathetic sign of the Zodiac, so they always try to think from someone else’s perspective and almost always know how and what to tell others. They are flexible people and are rarely stubborn. They can easily change their minds as they think about how would they feel in someone else’s shoes.

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