6 Perfect Destinations For Traveling With Your Boyfriend in Europe


Sunbathing and drinking cocktails on the beach, you can never get tired of that!

It’s the right time to choose the perfect holiday destinations for traveling with your partner! If you enjoy long days at the beach, crazy trips or extreme sports, pay attention to our suggestions, as they will surely satisfy your wishes and needs, Choose the one that works best for you, and let us know your impressions of your hot trip!

1. Viareggio, Versilia, Italy

A place is known for its classic Italian Secession architecture. Viaređio Beach, belonging to the Tuscany region, is once again ranked in the top 10 most desirable destinations for relaxation and enjoyment. It is 13 kilometers long and extends from the Forte Dei Marmi in the north, to the Viareggio in the south.

2. Cathedral, Galicia, Spain

You will be amazed by the beautiful beach with white fine sand that cuts the carved unusual natural stones, which reminds you of the growing arches of the cathedral. This is also the most romantic beach for couples.

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3. Red Beach, Santorini, Greece

Red Beach is a slightly different beach, which delights in its unusual color. The sand on this beach is volcanic, thus the red color, but it can also be black and gray. This place is really beautiful, especially if you want to spend your vacation with your boyfriend in a slightly different atmosphere. Nightlife? Of course. Go to nearby venues and enjoy your vacation!

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4. Zakynthos, Greece

This beach is truly the most recognizable in the world. Crystal clear water, shoreline surrounded by steep cliffs … Visitors can get to this place by boat from Porto Vromi, and spend all day at this beautiful place. This place offers many things that will delight you. Navajo is also known for its nightlife, and we recommend that you pay attention to this destination.

5. Marina, Portugal

You must have heard of this beach since it is the most attractive for tourists! The marina simply has everything you need – impeccably clean water and beautiful, soft sand. Still, that’s not all. Here you can enjoy nearby cafes and restaurants as well as great clubs!

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6. Kala Xaraka, Ibiza, Spain

We know you are interested in this! Ibiza is truly the perfect resort for young people looking for adventure and long nights. Well, this beach will surely afford it. Enjoy its beauty and the nightlife this place has to offer!

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