6 Reasons Why It’s Good to Sleep With a Cat


Yes, yes, dogs are considered human’s best friend, but you know the truth – a kitten is just a perfect company.

In fact, you love your kitty so much that you would spend the whole day (and night) with him. Here are some reasons why it’s good to let your cat sleep with you in bed.

Short warning – all animals and also cats, can potentially transmit some diseases. Make sure your pet visits the vet regularly, gets vaccinated and is healthy.

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The bond between you is stronger

Your friends are always saying that you are being in love with your cat, but maybe there is something true about that joke. A study published in Behavioral Processes says women have a special relationship with their cats.

The researchers observed an interaction between 41 families and their cats and it was shown that the cat would bond more with a female than with a male and that this relationship was more intense. This means your cat wants to spend as much time with you as you can – let her do it.

The level of stress decreases

It’s a fact that petting animals encourages the production of oxytocin, the “hormone of love”. Did you also know that the risk of a heart attack is reduced by 30% if you have a cat? Letting your cat go to bed with you after a hard day is a good way to relax.

You become calmer

Pets are a good help in dealing with anxiety and depression (which is why they are used for therapeutic purposes in a variety of illnesses). Sleeping with your cat can help keep your mind calm and make your mood better.

You will fall asleep more easily

Calming spinning is like a lullaby. Also, that soft, warm fur of the kitten lying next to you, or very often on you, is a comfortable “blanket”. Scientists agree that this is a great way to get some sleep.

Of the 150 patients at a well-known Mayo clinic who had trouble sleeping, 41 said cats in the bedroom had a beneficial effect on sleep. But don’t forget that they are nocturnal animals and it’s no wonder if at 3 am they decide it’s time to play.

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You will feel safe

Yes, even though guard dogs get more attention, cats are also pretty cool. There are many cases when they awakened and rescued the owners when gas was leaking or some other bad things happened. Maybe a cat can’t drive away a thief, but it’ll keep your back.

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Because they find it so hard to ban it

Cats are stubborn. They have their habits, so if you let your cat sleep with you for a few nights, it will probably continue to do so. Forever. Our advice? Fighting it is in vain, just accept it.

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