6 Tourist Destinations That Will Make Your Skin Crawl


If you are interested in some mysterious places and ancient legends, the list we have prepared will amaze you!

Hashima Island, Japan

This place is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. The place is widely known as Gunkanji or Fighting Ship Island in translation. It got its name because of the shape that is similar to a battleship. It was once known for its underwater coal mines and was inhabited by 5,000 residents.

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Jesus Christ In the Abyss

There are three statues like this. They were made for the 1965 exhibition. However, they sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. There are also copies of these statues sunk near the Florida coast. Now they stand as a memory of a world long gone, standing at the bottom of the ocean.

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Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Church of All Saints is another name for this building. It is known for its interior which is decorated with human bones. In 1400 the city cemetery was crowded and they had nowhere to put the dead. So they made a special vault to store them, and sometime later someone came up with the idea to decorate the chapel with the bones of those people. The church is located in a cemetery in the Czech town of Kutna Hora.

Point Lake, Canada

The appearance of this lake is due to its high concentration of magnesium sulfate, silver, calcium, and titanium. The natives, the Okanagan’s, call it Kliluk. They think that the lake is sacred and no one should approach it without the permission of the chief. So there are a few pictures of this place.

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Hand of the Desert, Chile

This huge statue was made by Mario Irarrazabal. He says this monument represents loneliness, injustice, and helplessness. It is located in the center of the desert, which is a very strange place for a monument (far from the public eye), but it is a very popular tourist attraction.

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