7 Fatal Makeup Mistakes: This Makes You Look Cheap!


Exaggerating the color and quantity of makeup can lead to catastrophic mistakes.

Makeup is the daily routine of most women, sometimes a weapon for seduction, and sometimes a way to raise our self-esteem, but sometimes women can make fatal make up mistakes.

According to studies, the average woman spends 335 hours a year taking care of her appearance. Given how much time (and money) we spend on makeup, we can’t let the result not be perfect!

That is why we present to you the seven most common makeup mistakes that make you not look pretty but cheap!

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If you do not choose a good liquid powder or primer, that is, if it does not suit your complexion and your skin type, it will highlight all the lines on your face, even those barely visible, and look ten years older.

Also, don’t let the color of the primer differ from your complexion by more than one shade – you will see an ugly color difference between face and neck, face and arm, face and ears … Search until you find the perfect powder.


A little color on the cheeks will give a freshness to your face and instantly rejuvenate and beautify you. But only if you choose the right one.

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Remember, on pale faces do not put golden shades of blush, but exclusively pink ones, as darker complexion does not go pink but golden.

Shine and sequins

This beautiful but risky detail deserves special attention. Too of this in the wrong place can make you much older. If you can’t resist the stray, let it be a discreet shimmer on neutral shades and gentle shades of lip gloss.


Thick eyebrows have been on the trend for a long time, but it’s amazing how easy it is to go wrong when drawing or choosing the color and shape of an eyebrow, which, unfortunately, we often have the opportunity to see.

Mascara and eyeliner

Eyeliner doesn’t need to be too “soft” because you will look like your makeup has spilled. Also, too much mascara masking will make the lashes blend together so you will not look as pretty but as if you were sleeping with makeup.

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Lip pencil

The same rule applies as for an eyeliner – the pen must be durable, of good quality and must not be smeared, as you will have the perfect lip shape for a very short time. After the first sip, after you light a cigarette or are in a space where it is slightly warmer, the bad and soft lip pencil will start to spill and lose its shape.

The latest trends

When there are striking but risky makeup trends in fashion, such as the current turquoise shades of shades, you have a lot to look out for if you don’t want to look cheap. In this case the old “fashion” saying goes: Less is more.

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