7 Reasons Why Sleeping With a Dog Is Good for You


First of all, everyone was at least once warned not to let the dog sleep in our bed. The reason is usually that dogs are dirty and so they can leave parasites on the mattress.

But what if it’s not so? In fact, there is much evidence that a dog contributes to better sleep! And your dog would not have to sleep alone. A win-win situation for both!

1. They calm you

Whether it’s their warm body or their rhythmic breathing, there is something comforting about a dog. They bring great peace to your bed!

2. They help with insomnia

Their presence provides a peaceful environment for sleeping and gives a sense of security. So basically they eliminate all the things that make you not sleep at night.

3. They relieve stress and anxiety

As demonstrated during therapy, the presence of a dog reduces stress. The constant positive state of dogs is contagious, and their cheerful nature can be very encouraging.

4. They are keeping us warm

Their warm bodies and their tendency to be so close to their human friends can act as a small radiator in bed. Who doesn’t like to have someone warm sleeping next to them on a cold winter night?

5. Help fight depression

One thing dogs can no doubt offer is unconditional love. For someone who is struggling with depression, this type of relationship can be of great help.

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6. Make you feel safe

Your dog is your protector. They see us as their greatest friends so they always tend to protect us from any threats. Their tendency to bark at strangers is one of the signs that they won’t let anyone harm us. So, having a personal bodyguard in your bed (pun intended) will allow you to always sleep soundly.

7. It’s also good for your dog

There is nothing in the world that your dog loves more than spending time with you. It makes them very happy, so spending time with you even while sleeping can have a tremendous impact on their psyche.

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