7 Ways to Become Mentally and Emotionally Strong


…for you know that soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than force, said, Herman Hesse.

The emotional ability lies in the ability to resist, to face difficult periods of life, to keep your mind flexible, to accept the challenges courageously and decisively. By becoming emotionally and mentally stronger, a person begins to live better.

Emotionally strong people can defeat all adversity and disease with the power of their mind:

Perform a personal inspection for 20 minutes a day

As you spent part of the day reading or watching TV, it would be nice if you could spend 20 minutes practicing self-awareness.

One of the most important things is being able to distance yourself from your environment. When you isolate yourself for 20 minutes and start thinking about yourself, questioning yourself, then you will understand what is most affecting your life and how to overcome it.

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Embrace negative emotions

Sadness paralyzes you, and anger makes you cross the boundaries. But what you don’t realize is that negative emotions are normal and you have to accept them. Acceptance does not mean surrender. It is a way for you to process and accept these emotions.

Difficulties are not obstacles, but a challenge

Make it a challenge to continue to fight harder and to persevere. Talk about problems with others. When you open yourself to solving a problem, you will realize how easily you can overcome it.

Do not ask people for attention but for respect

Some people spend their whole lives begging for attention. They need it like oxygen. As soon as they see that their relatives, colleagues, and friends are happy with them, their self-esteem immediately increases.

But it is an unhealthy habit that prevents you to emotionally strengthen yourself. You do not need attention at all, but mutual respect, which will allow you and others to live freely. You do not need someone to tell you how to live, but to respect your lifestyle.

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Remember that change is part of life

Enthusiasm is something that strengthens people. It is the inner power that gives energy. Change is part of life, and a person stuck in one place cannot make it. That is why we must not forget the importance of change and how useful and necessary it is.

Learn to be grateful

It may sound naive, but in reality, if you are thankful for what you have, your quality of life will be much better. Try to keep a gratitude log. It will be your source of great power and energy.

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Today is the best day to move forward and accomplish everything you want

Never delay your dreams for tomorrow. Today is the day you will fight for yourself. Only a clear goal can empower you and make you fight for yourself.

The process of developing emotional endurance is permanent and requires daily work. You need to train your mind daily. Be brave and seek your happiness in caring and loving yourself.

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