8 Challenges That Dating Tall Men Brings With It


Dating a tall man can be inconvenient sometimes. Forget about slow dancing, because you’ll look like two three-year-olds dancing for the first time.

Although most women like tall men, there are a few “problems” when you really find one. True, when you are dating a tall man you can also wear the highest heels that exist, nothing is out of reach when he is around and that is what any woman would love.

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But, ladies who have chosen a very tall man as their partners are certainly facing these 8 problems.

Kissing while standing requires special skills

This requires special skills if you are in a flat dress. He has to bend down and you have to stand on your toes. If it is a long kiss, you know that the pain in your neck is inevitable because of the unnatural position.

They can’t fit in your little car

You adore your tiny, feminine car, but the sight of your man crammed into a seat and with his head glued to the roof is not sexy at all.

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You feel like a little kid next to him

When you need to reach something, it takes a lot of effort. The moment when you have to ask him to get you chocolate from the highest shelf in the kitchen takes you back to your childhood.

This is how you look when you walk

Dating Have you ever seen a chihuahua trying to reach a mastiff?

Slow Dance .. NO

His hands are around your shoulders, and yours around his waist, because the other way is not possible, so you look like two three-year-olds dancing for the first time.

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You need to be creative when you are taking photos

Sitting in his lap? You certainly already have that picture. Looking into his eyes in a standing position? Not possible. Think of something else.

Shopping for him

After realizing that you can’t find such jeans that would fit him easily, it is possible that you will forget the idea of giving him a piece of the wardrobe as a gift.

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Limited legroom

An airplane, a bus, a restaurant … Along with a tall man, there are also long legs, which will take away the legroom for you. What are you going to do, you have to put them somewhere.

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