8 Reasons Why it’s Great to Have An Older Sister


For all of you who have older sisters … And all of you who are older sisters … Here are the 8 reasons why an older sister is the best gift your parents have ever given you.

She helped you to build your personality. Older sisters can be a gift from heaven, but they can also be real jerks. With her, you must have experienced some of the moments that strengthened your character – for example, when she stood you up to be with her friends or when she deliberately fails to find you when playing hide and seek.

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You can really talk to her. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to your parents, and younger siblings and friends can’t always understand you. That’s why there are older sisters!

She taught your parents many things. Your parents made all the big mistakes they could make with her, so now they know how to do it with you. That’s pretty nice, isn’t it?

You can vent out on her. You can’t just vent out on your friends – then you won’t be friends for long. Your older sister will forgive you and love you, even if you lashed out on her for no apparent reason.

She gladly drove you everywhere before you got your license. Nice of her, isn’t it?

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You could imitate her. The older sister is great to copy. She’s already been through everything you go through, so you just have to try to be like her.

She always has your back. And you always have her back.

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She is your guru. Having already gone through all that you are going through, she can give you fantastic tips. In addition, since you are a part of her family, she knows how things work in your life and genuinely cares about what’s happening to you.

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