9 Things You Never Clean, but You Definitely Should!


We have to clean it all up. Some spend as little time as possible while others work almost therapeutically. Whichever type you are, there are some places in your home that can actually use some extra scrubs.

Do you clean these things often enough?

1. Sports bags

Considering the fact that sweaty training clothes and shoes are placed in our sports bags, you can imagine that they are full of bacteria. However, most people almost never wash their sports bag.

Therefore, we recommend that you put the sports bag in the washing machine immediately.

2. Toilet brush

The toilet is being cleaned after each use, but what about the toilet brush? As the toilet brush is placed in water, this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

It is, therefore, a good idea to replace them regularly. Or you can clean them too. You can do this by treating them with antibacterial products. Do not forget to completely dry these so that all bacteria can be removed.

3. High surfaces

Only because we can’t see high surface does not mean that they do not get dirty, it is, in fact, the opposite. Do not forget to clean high places like high cabinets, lamps, doors, on top of the refrigerator, etc.

4. The remote control

In all honesty, when was the last time you cleaned the remote? You can imagine that it is full of dirt and bacteria as the remote control is touched by many people and may also come into contact with food residues.

The Good Housekeeping Institute, therefore, recommends cleaning the remote control once a week with an antibacterial agent.

5. The washing machine

Your clothes probably don’t smell as fresh as when you used the washing machine for the first time?

If you only use economic programs and wash at low temperatures, there is a risk that bacteria will remain untouched.

Therefore, clean the machine regularly and take extra care at the door. Always open the door of the machine when the machine is not in use so that inner parts can dry well. The Good Housekeeping Institute also recommends running the machine with special detergents.

6. Mobile phones

Do you want to know something scary? There are 10 times more bacteria on a mobile phone than on a toilet seat! Many people also have the habit of going to the toilet with their mobile phones, so you can imagine that your phone comes into contact with incredibly many bacteria.

So it’s not a stupid idea to clean your smartphone occasionally with cleaning cloths specially made for your smartphone. Although manufacturers don’t recommend it, a wet wipe with some detergent can be used with care.

7. Lamps and door knobs

Just count how many times a doorknob is touched every day! Therefore, do not forget to clean them too. Lamps are often skipped and are sometimes not cleaned for years.

8. Tough surfaces

The small spaces below the sofa or the edge between the fridge and the stove are places where a lot of junk can accumulate. It is therefore a good idea to remove the top from the vacuum cleaner so that the tube can access these hidden places.

9. Keyboards

The same is true with the smartphone or remote control, just remember how often hands dirty hands touch the keyboard?

There are many ways to clean the keyboard, but the principle is the same. Remove the crumbs and visible dirt the first, then disinfect the keyboard.

Use a disinfected cloth and the appropriate means. Do not forget to disconnect the keyboard, if possible.

Was this list useful to you? Or do you thoroughly clean all these things? Let me know in the comments!

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