A country surrounded by 5 seas, where people live long and without sickness: This is the healthiest country in the world!


The second place was assigned to Iceland, in third is Switzerland, while fourth and fifth places belong to Singapore and Australia.

If you want to live as long as possible, all you have to do is move to Italy!

Italy is a Mediterranean country surrounded by five seas. Also, it has been designated as the healthiest country in the world by the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries. So a baby born in Italy can expect to live up to 80 years of age.

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Although Italy is among the most developed countries in the world, its growth has been stagnant for decades, almost 40% of young people are unemployed and the country has large debts.

Despite everything, Italians are in much better shape than Americans, Canadians or Britons, who in large numbers suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Good health of the nation could be attributed to Italian cuisine. One of the things Italians adore is Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables and virgin olive oil.

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In the second place, on the list of the healthiest countries is Island, in third Switzerland, while Singapore and Australia are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

Meanwhile, 4,500 km southern in Sierra Leone, child born on this day will die at the age of 52, which seems to be the worst country to live in, according to The Independent.

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Each country is rated based on life expectancy, old age and death, and health risks such as high blood pressure, smoking, malnutrition and affordable drinking water.

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