A Drone Shot Revealed 10,000 Turtles Traveling With The Same Mission


A fascinating shot of turtles heading to the north island to lay their eggs is a real eye balm.

A video captured by drone shot reveals the charms of marine life and its inhabitants, green sea turtles moving together in the colony towards the place where they will lay their eggs.

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The video with drone shot also has an important scientific purpose, the researchers claim because it allows them to estimate the number of green sea turtles. They managed to count over 64 thousand individuals that are the only herbivorous turtles, which are on the list of endangered species.

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“Using a drone is safer and more accurate, and the data is stored permanently, so we will definitely use it in the future, and there are options for using artificial intelligence in counting,” said the head of the research, Australian Andrew Dunstan.

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