A Girl From the US Lived Without a Cell Phone for a Year


Elana Mugdan lasted a whole year without a cell phone.

Not only that she lasted without a cell phone for a whole year, she didn’t even use a tablet or any device with an interactive screen.

Elana only used an old phone, with no internet. She feels that she has become significantly more productive in business and that she has enjoyed socializing with people more. She also says that she has valued every moment of her life during this phoneless period.

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Mugdan did this in order to get $ 100,000, which will be paid off by one firm that raised the challenge. Although she succeeded in her task, Elana claims that now she feels much better without a cellphone and will never use it again.

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She admitted that thanks to this experiment she conducted, she learned to value herself and her time much more.

Can you live without a cell phone for the whole year?

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