A Good Person Can Never Become a Bad, No Matter What Evil Things Happens to Him: Here’s Why!


A gram of goodness is more valuable than a ton of wisdom.

In the lives of good people, bad things also happen. Some would that those bad things are even worse than the ones that happen to bad people. Yet good people never give up on their beliefs, despite the insincerity of others and the blows they get in their lives.

People who think with their good hearts don’t pay attention to other people’s malicious thoughts, cold arguments, and ugly comments.

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Through studies, scientists have come to the conclusion that there are two main goals in human existence. They both have a biological background.

First, there are people who are driven by a desire for a hedonistic lifestyle and self-indulgence. It refers to people who can only achieve happiness through personal satisfaction. Such people think only of themselves and we call them egoists.

On the other hand, there is the so-called “eudemonic” concept. Here we are talking about other, deeper things that are at a higher level; when one strives for personal growth and development in order to help other people.

Benefits of eudemonism for health

Research has shown that people with a pure eudemonic approach (those who put other people first on their priority list) have, among other things, a stronger immune system. They are less likely to suffer from inflammatory processes and their blood contains many more antibodies.

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These people are defined by their strong beliefs. It doesn’t matter how often they have to lose, how many times in their life they have been deceived or how many temptations they have to endure. Whatever happens to them, they believe in their heart and put faith in the nobility of the human soul in the first place.

Each of us probably had a difficult time in life, when life practically required us to afford some hedonistic things (expensive massages, a new car …) But until you looked at those things through the prism of pure egoism, they are still an opportunity for you to grow and improve. Sometimes we are all just ordinary explorers. we want to experiment, enjoy life, get as much pleasure as we can.

As we climb the steps of the pyramid of our needs, we begin to understand that all people are connected to each other. They form an incredible and very complex independent network together, in which each individual’s moves affect everyone else.

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If we do good and give from the heart, we bring harmony into chaos, it becomes a stable and safe path, even in the midst of the greatest storm of life.

Being a good person doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a hero; being a good person doesn’t require us to put our lives at stake or try to defeat all those people who act as a threat to us. You can meet good people every day; they are unobtrusive but somehow shine. They are quiet but happy. Moderate but so big. Just like their good heart.

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