A Lazy Horse is Always Playing Dead When They Try to Ride Him


The story we have prepared for you is very specific because we don’t know under which category we could classify it. The story has different elements that make it funny, shocking, interesting…

Certainly, this is something that you haven’t seen earlier.

Specifically, it’s a horse that plays dead every time someone tries to ride it.

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By now, you have certainly seen, no matter in what part of the world you live, that horses react differently when they are ridden by the owners, but this you certainly didn’t see before.

This horse found an interesting way to refuse to be ridden. His bosses say that he is a lazy horse who doesn’t like to be ridden, but we think that he is just very smart.

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When someone tries to ride him, the horse plays dead until that person who wants to ride him quits. Because of this, he is also prepared to be dead for several hours and quickly check with one eye open to see if there is anyone around him. If not, he can stand up “safely”.

Check out the Kritter Club video for what it all looked like.


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