A Love Story From a Fairy Tale – After 20 Years, The Guy Married a Friend From Preschool


Rarely do any of us remember the sympathy from childhood, and even those who marry them are even rarer.

This love story seems like a fairy tale, how the world plays with us, and we grow and change schools and move to other cities, lose contact with friends, and meet new ones.

Because of this, it seems as if Laura Schill and Matt Grodsky have a fairy tale story. Even in preschool, Matt told his friends that the two of them would get married. 20 years later, they are.

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Matt and Laura met at a preschool in Phoenix. As Matt wrote on Instagram, “one of my first memories is that I was 3 years old and I got up and said in front of the whole class that one day I would marry her.”

He still remembers when they were together, playing hide and seek, and when they stayed up late.

Even then, he wanted to impress her

“The movie ‘The Lion’s End’ was something that all the kids loved at the time and we spent a lot of time quoting sentences from that movie. I remember wanting to impress her on the May 5 holiday when we were trying to open Luckily, I was the one who opened it and I got her attention.”

But then, they were inevitably separated

They were separated by going to different schools. They lost all contact. What brought them back together?

Years later, in high school, Laura noticed Met’s name on a mutual friend’s phone. That same friend wanted to allow them to see each other, but she was skeptical and had her own worries.

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“I was very hesitant to go out with him. But he left me a message and we saw each other.”

It was necessary for them to continue where they left off. Within 2 weeks, Laura and Matt were officially in a relationship. Although they went to different high schools, Matt and Laura succeeded.

He kept his promise

In May 2015, Matt fulfilled his childhood promise and proposed to her in the same preschool where it all began. He surprised her by pretending that they only needed to go on a celebratory picnic since they finished their first year in college.

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“While driving in the car, she kept asking me why I looked nervous. I checked my pocket until she looked to make sure my ring was there.” said Matt.

“I got down on my knee and my brother was there to take a picture of us. Laura was in shock. I told her why she should marry me and she said yes. Uh!”

The rest of this love story is (beautiful) history.

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