A Married Television Presenter Admitted Being Gay! He Surprised Everyone in the Studio!


Phillip Schofield, 57, a married television presenter, said he felt pain and confusion about what he had done to his family by revealing to the world that he was gay.

On Friday morning, he revealed his sexuality on his Instagram profile. He wrote a letter to the public before arriving on a television show where he discussed everything with his colleague and best friend Holly Willoughby.

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After 27 years of marriage to Stef, with whom he has two daughters, Molly (27) and Ruby (24), he is now ready to ‘celebrate’ his sexuality. He revealed on the show that he had been struggling with his secret for a long time and that he was finally feeling relief.

He met Stephanie when they both worked on the BBC. She worked as an assistant producer, and he worked on a children’s program.

Holly said, “I think we should all breathe first. I feel in your voice how difficult it is for you, this is a great day. I know you’ve been living with this for a very long time.”

Phil replied, “It’s funny how everyone around me is positive and supportive, and my whole family said, ‘It’s okay. We love you and we’re proud of you.” Everyone knew the moment would come when I would admit it. It’s hard for me because this didn’t happen overnight, I struggled with it in my head for a while. Stephanie and I were really honest with each other. She’s amazing. Nobody was so supportive of me in my life as she was.

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The fact that I was gay took over my mind. Every time I sat next to someone who is the same sexuality, but already came out and told everyone, I would think that he was brave and that I have to come out as soon as possible. You can be honest in life with yourself, and I knew I wasn’t. I didn’t like myself. “

When he talked about Holly, Phil addressed the audience and said, “She’s a sister I never had. I’m proud of my team, you’re amazing and I love you.” Before the show began, Holly shared a photo of them together, suggesting that Phil would reveal something big by describing “I was never more proud of you. We are together on the show today at 10am.” She revealed that whatever happened, she would be with him, and the whole team applauded.

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When asked about his daughters, Phil said, “It wasn’t easy telling them, but they were also great support. When I told them they just jumped and hugged me as much as their mom and told us that we would always be family.”

He added that he wasn’t currently considering a new relationship because after all, this is a process that is ongoing – acceptance of himself. In addition to the overwhelming support of family and colleagues, he was also supported by fans.

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