A Rapist Attacks a Jogging Woman in a Forest – Realizes His Mistake When She Starts to Fight Back!


We live in moments, in a sick world, where women have to be alert and constantly have to worry as soon as they leave the house.

But that’s just how it is, it seems. I do not know any woman who would feel comfortable if she would walk alone through the forest in the evening. Because, although the majority of violence against women happens at home, the fear of being robbed outside is still in the back of your mind.

This nightmare became a reality for a Seattle woman. She had started walking on a Sunday afternoon and was attacked by a man who would rape her. But this time the roles were reversed and the man had no idea that he would be attacked.

Kelly Herron had started running like every Sunday because she was preparing for a marathon.

But she would not soon forget this trip.

Kelly was 6 kilometers away when she stopped at a public toilet.

Suddenly, when Kelly was standing by the sink, she was attacked from behind.

A man had hidden in one of the toilets and waited for a female prey that he could attack.

The man pushed Kelly to the floor and started to beat her hard. But this time, he wouldn’t get away with his sickly attack.

Instead of freezing from fear and panic, Kelly’s adrenaline took over from her. She collected all her strength and fought back.

“I really fought for my life, I scratched his face, hit back, and desperately wanted to release his grip. I did not want to give up, “writes Kelly on Instagram.

But that was not all.

What the man did not know was that Kelly had recently completed a self-defense course. Now she could use these skills well, and so she could overpower her assailant.

A dog who found a girl in the forest

She fought her way free, jumped right, and managed to lock up the rapist in one of the toilets.

“She kept the man there until the police came to arrest him.

“My face was sewn, my body is full of bruises, but my mind is doing well,” writes Kelly on Instagram .

The man was arrested and charged with attempted rape.

Kelly has incredible strength and fighting spirit that proves that her body belongs to no one else!

Kelly shared her story on Instagram, where she now inspires others to stand up to violence.

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