A Virtual Drawing Depicts the Truth About Working Women


Mothers are at the very top of many professions, and the current generation of fathers is really much more involved in raising children and taking care of the household than fathers used to be.

But we certainly cannot pretend that working mothers and fathers have an equal opportunity in the career field.

Women jump over obstacles as men run past them along a clear path. This simple metaphor was illustrated by the Peruvian cartoonist of the La Republika daily newspaper, and brilliantly portrayed the complex challenges faced by working mothers and, ultimately, by all employed women.

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Thanks to the Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra who shared this post on Twitter, this drawing has become virtual.

Mahindra shared the drawing after he helped taking care of his one-year-old grandson for a week. “I congratulate every employed woman and acknowledge that their success requires a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts,” he wrote in his post.

Mahindra is right that we should put in more effort, but we are not equally paid for it. When Men Become Fathers – they often get promoted at work and, with it, have higher pay, while many women face ‘maternal punishment’. Even today, in 2020, mothers are often seen as the main parent.

Women carry a heavier mental burden, work more hours with all unpaid work, spend more time taking care of children and housework, and have less time to take care of themselves.

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On the other hand, one study found that men’s free time actually increases after becoming a parent, while mothers only increase their workload at home.

It should be emphasized that the drawing did not become virtual because it is humorous. Exactly the opposite. Unfortunately, many mothers can identify with it.

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The good news is that we can still break down those obstacles. Being a busy mother is hard, but we can do it!

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