A Woman’s Aquarius and All Her Good and Bad Characteristics


The woman Aquarius is for the most part original. Like every other one, She has virtue and defect. Here are the features that exactly adorn a woman born in this zodiac sign.

The sign of Aquarius belongs to women born between January 21 and February 19.
Their planets are Uranus and Saturn. Uranus makes them somewhat eccentric, Saturn is cold and untouchable. It’s an air sign, although the name may not suggest it. But certainly its members have one feature of water – they are able to wave violently.

No matter what kind of relationship you are with – love, friendship or business, no horoscope in the horoscope will leave you indifferent. And no, it will not leave a bad impression on you, because much depends on the signs in the horoscope.

Woman Aquarius and its characteristics

If you know a woman in this sign, then you know that they are broad-based and that nothing is strange or unacceptable to them. Sometimes they know that they are unreliable and weird.
Can you identify them immediately?

For example, if you see that a person in your environment runs some of his features, attitudes, thoughts, and you can tell her that she is different from others, then it’s almost certainly a vodka in the horoscope.

Most people tend to fit into society and be similar to others. Aquarius has some of its movie in the head that directs itself. And she does not mind her at all because she may not fit into everyone’s taste.

And you know that girl who pours out what she thinks without reserve and tells the truth whatever she was? There is a good chance that the Aquarius is in the horoscope. They are not aggressive on this issue, but they can be somewhat non-tactical. She does not care what others think of her, nor is she too deep in the gossip. Oh, yes, he does not like traction. And she likes to hear stories about other people’s lives, but she does not burden them and does not analyze them in the darkness, does not live someone else’s life and does not deal with them that way.
Her motto is “Live and lets others live”.

11 Reasons Why the Best People Are Born in the Sign of Aquarius

What are the basic characteristics of Aquarius?

Firstly, this woman is unpredictable, exciting, unusual, and sometimes eccentric. It’s no wonder that all those who fit into society as they are and do not try to be special and peculiar to themselves are boring and predictable. On the other hand, he highly values ​​people who dare to be special and different.
A woman Aquarius has a characteristic that she does not take anything for granted. She examines everything and seeks deeper meaning, purpose, purpose in everything. That’s why you will often face your head in the clouds. After all, it’s fitting with an air sign – to hover.
She does not obey the rules, and tradition and social norms are brakes that are always contemplated.

In addition to being independent and unpredictable, we can say that one of the essential characteristics of watermelon is stubbornness and stubbornness. She does not know about obstacles. Then when something comes to mind, they will find ways. If one can not, there might be some others. The idea is at least anxious.

What is Aquarius’s sense of fashion?

Do you know how, at first glance, you can recognize a woman in the horoscope? In her fashion and fashion sense. She just does not have it. This does not mean that she dresses badly and that she does not have a style.
It is more important for her to feel good and comfortable in her clothes than to be in the last fashion.

You remember, she does not like fitting, and fashion means that they wear clothes every time in the same scene. She will wear tetanus bells if she thinks they are perfectly tailored for her and if she likes it. He does not care much about others.
If you are a fan of fashion and fashion details and takes care of this, the characteristic of Aquarius is a specificity. In his choice, he has some of his own. He will rather wear 3-4 original pieces of clothing that emphasize her specialty and style, but in any way try to be like all other women. She is a woman Aquarius and she is no one clone!

And if we need to talk about their favorite colors, then let’s say that these are mostly cold colors – blue, blue-green shades, gray and black. It’s entirely possible to find them dressed in these combinations, whether these colors are trendy or not.

Aquarius and her attitude towards people

Although at first glance it seems alienated, even in the world, the characteristic of Aquarius in the horoscope is to love people and to be great humanists. In other words, whenever they can help someone, they will do it with all their hearts, and they are also willing to engage in humanitarian work. That’s what makes them magical.

An average woman in this sign simply has the desire to change the world for the better.

They are very empathic and creative. They are good listeners so if you are looking for a shoulder to cry, you can say that you found it. She not only listens but she and compassionate. What is the characteristic of Aquarius is that it does not give advice that is not required. On the other hand, if you are looking for them, they are sometimes cruelly sincere.

Aquariuses do not talk too much about their thoughts and emotions. That’s why people often find it harder to connect with them. There are few who can follow their pace and enter their magical world. They have many acquaintances, but they make friends who understand them, I can count on the fingers of one hand. They will, on the other hand, be faithful and loyal to the grave, and they are ready to lay their hands in the fire.

People see them as closed (as they are), cold and hypocritical, but few see what is beneath the surface. And there is total opposition.

Aquarius health

Although health depends on much more important factors than the position of the planet, astrologers have drawn some general characteristics that concern water and its relationship to health. They are very aware of the need to be physically active in order to be healthy. However, they are more thought-type, so these “earthly” things are not long-lasting and they always need an incentive to practice.

As for the tendency to illness, it is considered that the critical point is the nervous system, that they often suffer from nervousness, insomnia, and that addiction diseases should be kept.

This sign follows prejudice that in love they are cold and uninterested. Is that right?

If she finds a person besides which it can be what is, which is not impregnable, and in spite of which her individuality is not compromised, a woman of water she can selflessly love.

Nevertheless, she does it in an exciting and unpredictable way and is not classically romantic. It will surely never be boring with her.

Aquarius in love requires a lot of respect, but also freedom, adventure, and excitement. It does not mean that it is prone to fraud, but it does not like uniformity and boredom. Learn more about how you agree on other zodiac signs in love. What is certain is that a person who is predictable is definitely not for her.

And does he know he likes or is he really insensitive, as it seems at first glance?

The truth is that she has some her own world and sometimes, like a real air sign, slips into it. Emotions and stories about them do not go hand in hand, but she loves practically and would do everything for a partner who is right for her.

You might wonder how to know if you like her at all? Easy.

If you are not her type, it will not waste time and energy on you and will not start a relationship with you.

Aquarius in sex

If a woman is willing to try sex in a car, then it’s a bachelor in the horoscope. She is ready for much more unusual things and sex in the car is a bit of an ordinary and boring thing for her fashion.

Taboo in sex? That does not exist for her!

All right, she may not do that for her fool of herself in front of everyone, but she’s ready for extreme moves. However, in order to reach this stage at all, the woman’s waterfalls should be the first intrigued mental. Only if you are a good company to her, and if she enjoys time and chats with you, she can come to bed. So, if you want it as a sexual partner, it may be best to first approach her as a friend and read what the erotic horoscope tells you about your chances of success in this field.

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