A Zodiac Sign That Many Consider being Arrogant and Fickle


The Internet and astrology experts are full of criticism for this zodiac sign, and that it is arrogant and fickle. Can you guess which sign it is?

Many believe that Gemini is an arrogant sign and also a liar, fraudster, and thief, writes Danny Larkin.

He adds that in a way, that reputation is deserved, because Gemini, as the name suggests, is a sign of the double. They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so Gemini are real chatterboxes who like to tell stories. They can talk like two people, and they have a nasty habit of being hypocritical and prone to deception.

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They often realize that it is easy for them to outwit the people around them using only word games.

Many Geminis are unfamiliar with the concept of listening. At one point, they will notice that people, no matter how interesting it seems to Gemini, are leaving them, which is why they consider them arrogant jerks. Everything will be clear to you when we say that Donald Trump is a Gemini.

In their defense, Gemini is not aware of how changeable people perceive them to be. One day they think one thing, while the next day they will completely change their opinion and run over everything they said yesterday.

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As an air sign, they are intellectuals who quickly get back on their feet, but it is difficult to keep them in one place. They love to make and cancel plans at the last minute.

And when conflict finally arises, whether it’s with friends who got angry over a last-minute cancellation deal or with a partner they declared love to and then disappeared, Gemini will make things even worse with overly analytical responses.

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They are prone to excessive thinking, which in the eyes of others makes them cold and calculated, writes Index.hr.

If you manage to win over Gemini, your relationship will most likely end in adultery or your exhaustion by constantly talking to them. Most people in relationships want to cuddle with their partner and rest or have a relationship, and Gemini would prefer to just talk.

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