Advice for living abroad – What to do when things go badly on your journey


We prepare for a trip for long periods and we are eagerly waiting for them, planning various activities and destinations to experience. However, there is a small number of travelers who are thinking about all the details in advance, so there are often inconvenient situations on the trip that can spoil the overall impression.

Have you missed a flight, have problems with a pet, or caught an unexpected panic attack on an airplane? Below we suggest how to deal with these situations and to carelessly continue your journey.

What to do when the hotel does not want to receive your dog?

Traveling with a dog, a cat, or some other pet is a great idea only if you have planned the way to a destination that is beneficial to your pets.

It is recommended that you always ask in advance how many friendly hotels and catering facilities there are in the city you are visiting and that you reserve your stay in some of them. However, if you fail to deal with this “detail” and you’ve already found yourself in a foreign country and you have to locate it definitely somewhere, BringFido can be of great benefit to you.

BringFido – a quick and easy finding with a pet
This is an application that can help you when you are not sure which restaurant you can enter with a dog, or which hotel will receive you with a pet. Just enter the destination you are on, and the app will suggest to you all the restaurants, hotels and parks you can visit with your pet, with a detailed description of the service or location you are referring to.

In this way, you can quickly and easily find an accommodation solution or a short break if you have not previously taken care of this segment of travel.

Your flight was canceled – what can airlines offer?

Flight cancellation means the situation where you have purchased a ticket for a flight that is not going to be realized. These circumstances do not depend on the passengers themselves. They are often more affected by technical problems such as aircraft defects or natural disasters, the risk of terrorist attacks and the like. If you find yourself in this situation, as a traveler with purchased airfare, in most cases you have the right to redirect to another flight, or a refund of all costs by an airline that has canceled the flight.

Do you need Wi-Fi urgently?

In the streets of foreign cities, the internet is not exactly at every corner. This is bad news for those who need urgent access to the Internet, but the good news is that before such a trip you can install the Cafe WiFi application, which will list all the places with free internet in your area. In addition to the name of the store, you will also receive information about their services and prices, and you can also read the visitor reviews. Although the app is currently only available for Apple devices, and the Android version will be quickly created and ready to use.

What to do when a panic in a plane takes over?

Airplanes often cause panic among passengers, especially when turbulence occurs due to bad weather conditions. If you are losing control of your own sense of safety from those passengers, you should concentrate on the instructions that you received from the cabin crew, who can save your life in the event of serious danger.

Turn your thoughts into a chat with other travelers, or think of the ultimate destination you are traveling to. Although most passengers are inclined to think about the worst, also take into account that thousands of flights on a daily basis are successful, so panic due to short-term turbulence is unnecessary.

Find yourself in a city like a local

Another useful travel application is Citymapper. The application covers many large cities around the world and is an excellent ally in moments when you are not sure in which direction you are heading, and you are left with no money for a taxi. Although walking has its advantages, the application will offer you potential routes to the desired address for all types of transport, and will first of all offer you city lines that traffic to your destination. You can save and use folders even when offline, and you’ll get to your ultimate goal quickly and easily thanks to this app.

These are just some of the situations that can get you on the go, but with adequate equipment and installed travel applications, there is no danger for you. It turned out that in most cases the internet can get us out of unpleasant situations, so it is a recommendation to “supply” those applications, most of which may be useful and when you do not have access to the Internet. Good luck!

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