After 10 Boys, Alexis (39) Gave Birth to a Baby Girl: This Is How Her Day Looks!


Alexis has her hands full, but after a few weeks, she returns to work.

Alexis Brett is 39 and with husband David, she just got her eleventh child – a girl Cameron.

The couple has 10 sons, ages 17 to 2, and did not plan another baby at all, but when they found out Alexis was pregnant, they decided to have this pregnancy as well. The couple expected that the baby would be a boy again, but ultrasounds revealed that Alexis was carrying a baby girl. They were overjoyed.

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Alexis and David decided to stop at this number, as far as children are concerned, because now they finally have it all: 10 sons and one daughter.

Alexis is a former nurse who is now working as a fitness trainer.

“I was absolutely shocked when they told me I was carrying a girl. I thought we weren’t capable of making a girl. In the end, I thought they were wrong because I gave birth to 10 boys so far. I’m thrilled to have a girl.”

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And what do the daily commitments of Alexis and David with so many children look like?

David works as a tram driver and gets up at 5:30 every morning to get to work. He is experiencing the first signs of Parkinson’s disease and is having a very difficult time.

In spite of everything, Alexis has a far busier day. She gets up at the same time as her husband to have coffee and take a shower, after which the children wake up. She goes grocery shopping every day to fill up the two refrigerators they have. They spend about 6 packs of milk and 10 loaves a day to feed ten boys.

Alexis says she turns on the washing machine 49 times during the week, vacuuming the house 7 times a day.

Despite the commitments at home and the newborn baby, Alexis will start working as a fitness instructor in a week, as her family budget needs to improve.

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While many believe they got so many kids because they wanted a girl, the couple says that’s not the case. They just wanted so many kids and they are absolutely delighted to have 10 boys and one girl. Both are sure of one thing: Alexis is done with giving birth!

“We definitely won’t have any more children. I’m turning 40 this year, and David’s condition is getting worse and sometimes it’s really tough.”

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