Alena is Russian Double of Angelina Jolie, But There is One Difference!


Russian Alena Carakova is another girl in a series of popular, attractive Instagram beauties, but something has separated her from the mass of other girls

Specifically, her followers claim that she incredibly reminds them of celebrity Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

This resemblance has brought overnight worldwide fame to Alena, who has garnered more than 20,000 followers in record time, and this figure is increasing daily.

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While some admire her beauty and resemblance to Angelina, others claim that she achieved this look by going “under the knife”.

Also, she has identical facial expressions like the actress, and she also strives to add some similarities to her hair and makeup.

Either way, this brunette is undeniably very endearing, nurturing a sophisticated and feminine style.

But interestingly, this Russian is only 22 years old, although she looks a few years older.

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According to foreign media, she still lives far more modestly than Angelina and is dedicated to raising her little son David.

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