Anger Doesn’t Bring Anything Good: Forgiveness On The Other Hand Does!


Forgiveness means leaving the pain behind and moving on feeling a little lighter.

Forgiveness is the best move you can make. Not for the other person, but for yourself. When you forgive a person, you release a lot of bad energy that carries nothing good with it.

“I forgive myself so as not to hurt myself. My mental health and peace of mind are at the forefront. No matter how bad experience, it’s a good thing that I learned a new lesson from this. I don’t hate the person who betrayed me and failed me, but I won’t anymore let them come near me and no one in the future will be able to give me the same blow.” said a Russian psychologist.

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There are different types of forgiveness. Sometimes we forgive to give someone a second chance and to try to start all over again. But there are those situations where we forgive only so that we can completely wipe someone out of our life and move on.

Forgiveness means leaving the pain behind and moving on.

Sometimes forgiveness is necessary in order to move on. Not because we think that person’s behavior is acceptable and that they can be trusted again, but because we can walk without burden. By forgiving, we do ourselves a favor.

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Don’t consider it a weakness that you have gone over someone’s bad deeds towards you but as an opportunity to turn a new leaf on which the story of harmony and love will be written.

Things that have been done cannot be changed, so a heartfelt farewell and turning over a new sheet is the best decision.

Until we forgive, there will be anger, suffering, and fear in our soul and heart that can only hurt ourselves and no one else. Anger will not change anything, so when you find yourself in a situation where someone betrays you, it is best to gather courage as soon as possible, to forgive, to forget, and to continue your life by stepping boldly forward.

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In those moments, we realize how strong we are, because really, man is not aware of his capabilities and strength, until those two things become our only options.

Finally, understand that such things happen in order to learn an important life lesson from them. Life is not always just honey and milk, disappointment is an integral part of that journey. It is up to us to step boldly with positive thinking and without holding anger in our hearts.

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