Are You Dreaming of a Different Vacation? Wait For The Gateway Foundation’s Space Hotel


The operating of a space hotel that is built by the Californian company is set in the year 2072.

The Von Braun station us going to have an Earth-like “vibe” that is nothing like the Odyssey in Space and Star Trek.

The Gateway Foundation has announced the design of the revolutionary Von Braun Space Hotel, which is set to begin operating in 2027.

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The Gateway Foundation has introduced a station that resembles a rotating wheel that moves around the Earth and has 24-modules.

Tim Alatorre, the chief architect at the Gateway Foundation, says a rotating wheel will create some sort of gravity.

“The station rotates and pushes objects and people inside the station to the edges, like when you rotate a bucket with water – water compresses along the edges but stays in the bucket,” he told CNN.

There will be no artificial gravity in the center of the station but as you move around the perimeter of the station, the feeling of gravity will intensify, he added.

The Gateway Foundation’s project is named after Werner von Braun, an engineer who pioneered rocket technology, first in Germany and then in the United States.

Von Braun is a somewhat controversial figure since he participated in the Nazi missile development program. He later worked on the Apolo space program in the US.

The hotel was designed according to von Braun’s blueprints from 60 years ago. “The basic physics of station movement has not changed since the 1950s,” Alatorre said.

The main difference is in materials – new metal alloys, carbon, and 3D printing, as well as in launch technology.

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The station will be able to accommodate 352 guests, with a maximum capacity of 450 people.

Alatorre says the aesthetic hotel will be a direct answer to Stanley Kubrick’s cult film “Odyssey in Space 2001”, but not in the way you think.

“That movie is literally a guide to how not to work. I think Stanley Kubrick’s goal was to highlight the gap between technology and humanity, which is why his station and spacecraft were so sterile, clean and alien, “Alatorre said.

Alatorre says that when designing the space hotel, he tried to avoid the aesthetics of the Star Trek and the laboratory.

The hotel will be equipped with carpets and stylish and chic bars that can be found on Earth. The exception will be the fantastic view of the stars.

“We also plan various recreational activities and games that will further show guests that they can do things that they otherwise can’t do on Earth. Due to their weightlessness and reduced gravity, they will be able to jump more, lift things, run like they never could on Earth, “he explained.

The foundation’s goal is to create “a space culture where people will go out into space and live in space and work in space and want to be in space.”

The universe will become a place where thousands of people will “live, work and flourish,” he explained.

Since the hotel is presented only through design, the question arises as to whether and how it will function in reality.

Potential problems state that a long stay in a zone of low gravity can be detrimental to humans.

Although tourists will be staying at the hotel for several weeks, staff will also spend six months to a year in orbit.

Alatorre says such things will be handled on the move and that the foundation is confident the hotel will be “perfectly safe”.

Another problem is that more and more people want ecological vacations and going to space is far from it.

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Alatorre explains that the hotel will use methane-powered engines instead of rocket fuel.

He also stated that recycling will be part of the space hotel.

“The station itself will be a very eco-friendly place to rest because we will recycle everything,” he said. “No drop of water or a piece of garbage will be thrown away. Everything will be recycled, used up or turned into something else, ā€¯Alatorre added.

Earthworks for the Gateway Foundation project are scheduled to begin on October 1st of 2019, and the station should “take off” from Earth in 2025.

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