Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Pisces Are the Most Strenuous Signs of the Zodiac


Certain zodiac signs are considered to be particularly strenuous. It’s not likely for you to end up with them, but if you do, it will be hard for you to win them over.

Just arm yourself with patients beforehand.


Although generous and warm in nature, members of this sign know that they are extremely difficult and strenuous for their behavior is focused on seeking attention from others, including drama, manipulation, acting like a victim, and even sexually seductive behavior directed at getting people’s attention.


The noble Cancer has its “moments” when they acquire many enemies that would rather escape rather than endure their extreme mood swings, difficulties in controlling anger and passing paranoia.

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The great diplomats and one of the most valuable signs of the zodiac have a very dark side that many try to evade. They are very prone to passive aggression. This implies contradictory feelings in moments of stress.

By playing the victim, they fluctuate between feelings of low self-esteem and superiority. If they reflect on their own behavior, they usually have no perception of doing anything wrong, but accuse others.

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Too sensitive and withdrawn members of this sign can be difficult to tolerate if they are struck by melancholy. Then they become overly sensitive to every form of criticism, they are passive, indecisive and full of insecurities.

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