Astrology Reveals: Here’s The First Impression Every Zodiac Sign Makes


They say it takes 3 seconds to make that first impression. This is the first impression that every zodiac sign makes!

Here’s what astrologers say about how others will perceive you based on your zodiac sign. Do you agree?

Below we bring you what someone first thinks of your zodiac sign, but also what they think after a while of acquaintance. We leave it to you to judge for yourself how much truth there is in these claims.

After you discover what is the first impression, described in three words, that your Zodiac sign makes, then find out how much does people’s opinion change when they get to know you a little better.

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Have fun, and maybe get to know yourself a little better.

Aries: Good, eager to help and very confident / being very bossy, but at least completing all the tasks.

Taurus: Sweet, quiet and kind / stubborn and unstoppable when he starts talking about unimportant things.

Gemini: Funny, loud, and a bit annoying / the great emotional hurt that they hide behind their humor.

Cancer: Sympathetic, emotional and happy/big nerd who doesn’t ever joke.

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Leo: Cordial, open-hearted and generous / often stares at the floor, loves hugs.

Virgo: Shy, anxious and talented / incredibly nice and always thinking about space.

Libra: Wonderful, social and forgetful / very intelligent and very clumsy.

Scorpio: Dirty, unreachable and a little rude / totally sweet, a little nervous.

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Sagittarius: Weird, optimistic and sexy / very fond of music, silly.

Capricorn: Passive, very likable and overwhelming / very loud when angry.

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Aquarius: Very smart, crazy and stubborn / will love you no matter what, a totally sweet.

Pisces: Very strange, shy and artistic soul / totally talented freak who is very excited when he gets the new accessories he needs for his creative work.

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