At the wedding, I found out that my husband was my brother!


I had a relationship for 4 years, after which I was engaged and scheduled the wedding day. It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but it was actually the most unhappy.

Then the whole world collapsed when I learned a cruel truth-that my husband was really my brother! We learned this cruel truth when our father appeared at the wedding.

My father had a marriage before he married my mom. From that marriage, he had a son, and I never met my brother because they did not get along. My parents divorced, and I have not seen my father for years because he has traveled all the time in the world because of work.

My boyfriend did not talk much about his father because he said he left him while he was still a kid and went with another woman and never met me with him. I accepted that. The set of circumstances was such that it was the same man!

I had great hopes in our future marriage because I had the perfect man next to me. I was hoping that he would be a good father to my children, great husband, and a great family. My mother and the whole family were happy, the wedding was prepared for months, and me too. I was picking up a wedding dress, a number of guests, food, drinks, music… He helped me with everything, and he was happy because we should live together. However, that day he came. My father. He was invited to the wedding, of course, and he should have given me support in the happiest moment in my life.

When he saw his first wife, he was scared because that was the mother of my future husband, but also the mother of his son. He came to the room where I was preparing for the finish of my preparations and told me the terrible and cruel truth.

“He is my son!” He told me. I was confused after he told me and I did not know who he was talking about, but he was just talking about my future husband. He felt very bad because he could not believe what was happening.

I just looked at the window, I thought that I dreamed that this does not happen to me. The father ended up in an emergency, and I just sat and waited for my boyfriend to appear.

The truth came to him, and he came to me asking for an explanation for what was happening. The wedding was automatically canceled, the guests went in wonder, and I was crying in the room and thinking that life could be cruel to me, I did not deserve it.

He appeared at the door and came to talk. With tears in our eyes and rage in our chest, we stayed with no words and just cried over our fate and what happened to us. We could not say anything, we just hugged, and he just got out without saying anything. He only told me that he came to see me the last time as a future woman, and for the first time as a sister.

I felt terrible, furious with my father and the life that ruined my love. My father did not survive, and after his funeral, I received a message from my brother that he would move out and that he did not have the strength to see me and talk to me. We will never see each other again because it is the best. That’s what I thought too because I did not have the strength to talk about such cruel things. I went a long way, and I wanted to forget everything, but I knew it would be difficult …

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