Avril Has Been Dead for Eighteen Years? Theorists Claim That She Was Replaced by This Actress!


The theory says that after a sudden success, Avril fell into depression. At that time her grandfather passed away, making the whole situation difficult to bear.

The conspiracy theory that Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne passed away shortly after releasing her debut album in 2002 has emerged again this past weekend on social media.

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Namely, according to the already known version, Avril was replaced by her twin sister, actress Melissa Vandella after her death, and the fans of the singer believe she left details of her death in some of her songs.

The theory goes that after a sudden success, Avril fell into depression, and at the time her grandfather passed away, so she could hardly bear the whole situation. She was reportedly found dead in her apartment and all details were hidden.

Theorists point to a change in her image as evidence for their claims after she released her second album in 2004 and became a pop singer.

They resented her for giving up the rock elements of her music and began to dress more typically feminine.

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After the theory was expanded, new evidence pointed out that her scars, tattoos, and moles had also changed. Also, they pointed out that her nose and jawline were different.

While all of these changes can occur after surgery, contouring, and different light, the singer fans are sure that these are indications that their claim is true. The social networks have been full of comments on the subject in recent days.

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The singer has no comment on this whole story. Some media sources say that all these allegations even entertain her.

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She’s not the only one whose conspiracy theories exist. There are also examples of Gucci Mane, Eminem, Paul McCartney, and even BeyoncĂ©.

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