Be Careful: Sentences That Many Men Say Before Cheating – “I Have a Feeling You Don’t Appreciate me Anymore”


If you hear one of these sentences, you have to be careful.

“I have a feeling you don’t appreciate me anymore.” This sentence reveals that your man is probably not as happy as he used to be and feels neglected. Of course, that doesn’t mean right away that they’ll be cheating on you soon, but it can happen. If one of the partners feels undervalued, they may seek (sexual) confirmation from the other person. If he comes up with this topic in conversation, it is important that you talk openly and do something together to change the situation.

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“I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your message. I was under stress. ” Even if he has a mountain of unresolved work on the table, he can certainly always find time for a short message. So, if he suddenly no longer responds regularly to messages, it is possible that it is a sign that he has some other (or is with another) priorities. Invite him kindly to an interview to find out why he no longer suits you.

“It was OK at work.” This is not about the meaning of the sentence, but about the short answer. While he used to talk thoroughly about how he spent the day and happily recounted various adventures, a short and brief answer is a sign of danger. So, it’s time to sit down with him and talk.

“Let’s try something new in bed.” If your intimate life is monotonous for a long time, it is generally good when one partner wants to try something new. But it could also mean that he is not completely satisfied with his sex life. Take his wishes seriously and try – of course, only if you agree with what he suggested – something new. This way you can solve the problem together, rekindle the flame in the relationship, and he will be satisfied and will not have to look for satisfaction elsewhere.

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It’s only a few months away. We shouldn’t think about it yet. “ If your partner doesn’t want to make long-term plans, it could be a sign that he’s not sure what will happen to you in a few months. Then it’s high time to talk, to find out if you have the same or at least similar plans for the future.

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