Beautiful People Are Less Fortunate in Love: Scientists Explain This Phenomenon


It seems incredible, but research has shown it to be true.

If you have a problem with relationships, maybe this research can answer the question that bothers you. Recently, relationships and male-female relations have become increasingly complicated.

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Harvard University scientists conducted a small experiment. They came to the following conclusions. Although it is easier for beautiful people to attract the attention of the opposite sex and to start a relationship, the problem arises when it is necessary to maintain these relationships.

Here is how the researcher that was in charge of this experiment explains the phenomenon. The results are surprising.

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The prettier the person is, the harder it is for them to keep their partner by their side. People who are beautiful know there are more options and many will want to be with them,” she explains. Relationships with people you find attractive are more susceptible to risk. Attractive people are thought to be targeted by many courtiers and this is potentially dangerous to the relationship.

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“When someone has multiple alternatives, his focus is not on long-term relationships and working on it,” the researcher concludes.


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