Because of This, We No Longer Enjoy Happy Moments


The birth of a child, the wedding or the purchase of an apartment/house should be among the happiest and most important moments in life – but after they happen we are often disappointed, and here is why.

Has it ever happened to you that you were expecting some important milestone in your life, and as soon as it passes, did you somehow get tired?

A new study shows that in many cases it has to do much with social networks because, in comparison with other studies, we suddenly consider our moments as insufficiently good.

A survey conducted by the British “Bupa” clinic showed that 86 percent of participants believe that society puts too much pressure on important life moments. Social networks, they say, play a key role in this, and 58 percent say that these platforms create a misconception about how some moments should look.

Participants in the study admit that they often feel bad, upset or sad after associating some of their important moments in life with someone else on social networks. About 85 percent of them admitted that they felt bad for returning to work after the birth of a child, 70 percent felt so when they got their first job, 64 percent thought felt bad when they were promoted, and they saw how they were others celebrated on social networks.

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Buying a home and going on vacation are also among the important moments that make people feel bad after they compare themselves to social networks with others who also bought a house or went on holiday.

This phenomenon is not surprising – social networks make us “constantly comparing ourselves with others, so even when something good happens to us, we are immediately wondering – is it as good as what other people are experiencing?”

“Social networks are a great way to keep in touch with people, to be informed about their life,” says director of the “Bupa” Clinic Dr. Arun Tiagaragan. “However, it’s easy to forget that what we see on these platforms are only moments, and sometimes we feel depressed and bad when our experience does not coincide with others. This is especially noticeable when it comes to major life events. giving birth to a child, buying a house or celebrating holidays – comparing your own reality with perfect photographs of someone else’s experiences can make you feel bad. “

Dr. Tiagaragan points out that social networks can also affect self-esteem and in general the way we see our body.

“It’s key to remember that what you see on social networks is an overwhelming version of reality,” the doctor said.

According to this study, every tenth person does not feel happy at some important, big time, because of social networks. Fortunately, Dr. Tiagaragan has several tips on how to reduce this gap between expectations and realities.

Preparation is important

It is important to prepare for this life-changing moment in your life. Sleep well enough, keep yourself healthy and be physically active – there are more chances that you will think clearly, even in moments when you face “perfection” on social networks.

Do not compare with others

It’s easier to say than do, but it’s important to focus on all the good things that happen to you in life and stop comparing them with the experiences of others. This will have a very positive impact on your mental health.

Remind yourself that everyone is leading their battle, but also that what you see on social networks is just one moment in someone’s life.

Get away from negativity

If necessary, occasionally take breaks from social networks, however long you need, to give yourself space and time to think clearly about expectations and realities. It will encourage you to enjoy happy moments.

Surround yourself with positivity

If you want to continue to use social networks, carefully consider who you “follow”, i.e. Choose to watch what will cheer you up, motivate, and not what will suck you.

In the end, remember that nobody is perfect and enjoy every moment!

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