Best Movies and Series to Watch on a Journey in 2019


There doesn’t seem to be a more relaxing feeling than watching beautiful scenery or clouds through the window of a car or aircraft but only during the first 10 minutes of travel.

After that, everything begins to look the same, and the period of boredom is on. We are aware that trips can get very long and monotonous sometimes. Therefore, it’s best to go on a trip with a laptop or tablet equipped with good movies and series.

Movies and series can be a great leisure time activity even on the trip itself. This especially applies to the days when the weather is bad, when you are under a parasol on the beach, or when you just don’t want to leave the hotel room and have some time for yourself.

For this reason, the best solution is to prepare yourself in advance and browse what new movies are worth watching in 2019. If you have wifi, you can use Netflix or Amazon to watch, but if now, better prepare and download them before the trip. They will come handy for sure.

Movies and series we recommend for travel

When it comes to movies and series that you can watch while traveling, you must keep in mind that there are several rules that you should follow. One of the basic recommendations is to customize the tone and genre of the movie to your trip. It ought to complement the environment in which you are currently. If you go with friends on a road trip then it is easy, but if you plan to watch movies on the plane, make sure that they are adapted for all age categories as it may occur that a child is sitting next to you.

In this regard, it is recommended that the movies for watching on the plane are not those with explicit themes, but also war or horror films that can cause unwanted reactions from more sensitive travelers. It’s best that all the movies or series you choose to watch while traveling are easy-going, allowing you to relax and have fun – we recommend you watch a romantic flick, a comedy or a musical.

How to choose a movie?

We are witnessing the fact that recently, almost every week, some new films are announced every week, especially those that have won an academy award. It’s hard to decide which are the best movies in 2019, and those that are labeled as “best” depend primarily on personal preferences.

However, if you need advice and recommendations, there are several criteria that can guide you when selecting movies to watch on your trip. If you do not have friends who are movie buffs, you can find reviews on specialized websites that deal with movies and their ranking.

The most popular is, of course, the IMDb, but you can also look for reviews from other movie rating sites, such as Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes. Here you can read the opinions and criticisms of both casual audience and professional movie critics so that you can get a wider picture of what are the best movies for watching.

There are many legendary movies that, if you hadn’t the opportunity to watch them before, have to find a place on your list of movies to watch on the journey.

We’ve put together a list of the greatest cinematography achievements that you need to consider at least. These are just subjective choices, you ought to choose the one that is most suitable for your current mood.

1) Before Sunrise (IMDb – 8.1)

Before Sunrise is the first part of the trilogy of love films, which follows the love adventures of two young people who meet on a train on their way to Vienna. The film was shot in 1995, and thanks to its great commercial success, the sequels were made afterward. The second part of Before Sunrise was filmed in 2004 and many believe that it is the best one in the trilogy.

source: IMDb

Part three, called Before Midnight, was released in 2013. If you are on a romantic journey, then there is no better movie solution and recommendation than the previously mentioned trilogy. We strongly believe that it will perfectly complement the atmosphere and adapt to your situation.

2) Forrest Gump (IMDb – 8.8)

Forrest Gamp is an American film from 1994, filmed after the 1985 novel by Winston Groom. The film had great commercial success, and there is almost no person who does not know the story of the strange Forrest Gamp.

Although this film is often streamed on TV channels, there is no doubt that it would be highly recommended to rewatch it during the trip and at least once again look at this achievement that brought great fame and popularity to Tom Hanks.

3) Midnight in Paris (IMDb – 7.7)

Midnight in Paris is a lovely drama from 2011 that follows the young couple, Gil and Inez, on a trip to Paris with her parents. He is a writer who has a problem with inspiration and does not manage to finish the novel he writes.

source: IMDb

Upon arrival to the French capital, Gil falls in love with the city and feels that they should live in it when they are married. Inez does not share his enthusiasm, and this exciting story and the mesmerizing scenes of Paris will surely keep you entertained.

4) Lost in Translation (IMDb – 7.8)

Lost in translation is a 2003 drama. The story follows the adventure of the actor awaiting retirement and a young woman who has just finished college. They meet each other in a hotel in Tokyo as only two people without a language barrier. This drama explores topics such as loneliness, alienation and the effects of a cultural shock in a foreign country.

The best movies of the year 2019 – new features that should be considered wor watching

The summer season has begun, so it is the right time to think about what new movies or series you have not seen before which would be worth watching during a flight or on the trip itself.

It’s hard to say what the best films are in 2019 since not all the movies have been released for this year, but from the films that have been released so far, there are some which stand out and could be included in your “must watch” list.

1) Bohemian Rhapsody – (IMDb – 8.1)

Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical film from 2018 that follows the legendary English rock group Queen and their frontman Freddie Mercury. Through the crossover of Queen’s legendary songs and their revolutionary sound, the movie follows the band’s fascinating rise to glory, as well as its downfall, including the tragic ending of Freddie’s life.

source: IMDb

The movie filled the cinemas around the world and delighted all viewers. If you have not seen this movie, is a great opportunity to enjoy this performance that will surely delight you, whether you are a fan of the band or not. This band whose music was celebrated in the ’70s and ’80s of the last century has a very interesting story which can complete your traveling experience.

2) A Star Is Born – (IMDb – 7.8)

This star was born in as an American musical and love drama in 2018, featuring famous actor Bradley Cooper, to whom this is a directing debut. It’s a remake of the film originally shown back in 1937. Furthermore, this is the fourth remake of the original film, after the 1954 musical, 1976’s rock musical, and the 2013 Bollywood love flick.

The plot follows the musician who is an alcoholic and opiate addict who suddenly falls in love with a waitress. This is a story about the rise of a young singer (the birth of a star), while on the other hand, the career of a famous musician slowly deteriorates.

3) Green Book -(IMDb – 8.3)

The Green Book is an American comedy-drama from 2018. The film takes you to the 1960s New York where an American of Italian descent with a great appetite, poor vocabulary, and conservative views of other races gets a job as a driver for a famous pianist who is African-American.

source: IMDb

The Green Book, after which the film was named, is actually a travel guide for African-Americans that really existed in the middle of the last century, containing all the necessary information about the places they are allowed to enter and those that are restricted.

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