Beyonce in a Court Battle Over The Name She Chose For Her Daughter


BEYONCE has been fighting a legal battle for several years over the name of her daughter. Her name is Blue Ivy. Documents have emerged that Beyonce has declared her seven-year-old daughter a “cultural icon” in order to protect her name.

Beyonce has a long legal dispute with Wendy Morales, owner of a wedding planning company that claims to have called her company “Blue Ivy” long before Beyonce’s daughter was born. Beyonce also tried to protect her daughter’s name in 2012, but Morales stopped her.

The Blast reports the court documents show that Beyonce stated that she didn’t want to protect the name “Blue Ivy” but “Blue Ivy Carter.”

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“Morales’s claims that clients will mix the wedding planning work and Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of two of the world’s most famous performers, are frivolous and should be dismissed altogether,” the singer states in the court records.

She also added that the word Carter in the name separates her business from Morales’s wedding planning company. Beyonce reportedly wants to use that name as a brand of a line of clothing, hair products and more…

“Blue Ivy Carter is a cultural icon that has been named a ‘mini fashion star’. Her life and activities have been covered in the media also,” the document reads.

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The rivalry between these sides goes for some time now. Firstly Morales accused Beyonce of fraud. On the other hand, Beyonce accused Morales of wanting to profit from her daughter’s name. She also provided evidence in the form of an interview, where Morales said that her business had gotten better since Blue Ivy was born.

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Beyonce and Jay Z were inspired by the name during their vacation in Hvar, in Croatia, when they came across a tree where they saw a blue ivy. “We woke up that morning, went for a walk and came across this beautiful blue tree. I thought it was called Blue Ivy, which was very appropriate,” said pregnant Beyonce in a video she posted on social media.

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