Bride Stopped Proposal At Her Wedding, And Then The Chaos Ensued


Wedding is a day when all brides want to feel special, they are in the spotlight, but sometimes they have some weird requests. One man was obviously not familiar with it, so he planned to propose to his girlfriend at her cousin’s wedding.

The bride described the event on her profile on Reddit and remembered that horrific event.

“We were all having a great time at our wedding, my husband and I were talking and dancing with our guests. All of a sudden I saw my cousin’s boyfriend picking up a microphone from a DJ and going to the center of the hall, saying he has an important announcement,” she says.

“I came up to him and told him that there was no way he could propose to the girl at my wedding. It was my day and I didn’t want to share it with anyone. My cousin and aunt started yelling at me and they made a big scene.”

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Although she was able to stop the proposal at her wedding, the young couple got engaged later and got their revenge.

At the family lunch, her cousin announced their wedding date. They decided to get married on the same date as her and her husband’s wedding. This annoyed the bride because she would not be able to spend her first wedding anniversary alone with her husband. Instead, they would have to attend her cousin’s wedding.

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When she shared the entire story on the Internet, most people agreed with her behavior. They were saying that the wedding was a special day for the newlyweds and that no one had the right to “steal” their show.

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