Cat Is the Guardian of Your Health: Which Diseases Can a Cat Heal and Which It Can Feel


Vibrations produced by cats act as a real sedative to the human nervous system, which make their owners more relaxed from daily stress and pressure.

Having our pets at close proximity to us corrects the mood; with them near, we are cheerful and relaxed, which makes us less susceptible to stress and the diseases it causes.

Pets Teach You an Important Lesson

It is interesting that families who have a pet are more connected and can easily resolve conflicts between each other. Likewise, pet lovers fulfill the need for touch, gentleness, and gratification, which is specially lacking for elderly and lonely people. A study by the Australian Institute of Baker Medical Research, which included about 6,000 respondents, showed that people who keep pets, on average have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and thus are less exposed to the risk of heart attack and other heart and blood disorders.

The healing properties of the cat’s spinning

When choosing a pet, those who give priority to the cats instead of the dogs, necessarily point out the cat’s spinning. This specific sound that cat’s make can not only calm your mind, but it can also return you to the past, when a house without a cat and a hearth was inconceivable. When we had fewer material goods and more psychic peace, the time seemed endlessly long – while a fire bursts in the stove, a flame flutters in the petroleum field, outside the branches of snow cracking, and the cat quietly sleeps …

Reduces stress

The vibrations produced by cats act as a sedative to the human nervous system, calming it down. This reduces everyday tension and stress levels.

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However, cat’s spinning is not always the same. After many studies, scientists came to the conclusion that there is a difference between spinning as an enjoyment and spinning as a warning to owners about a particular disease. When they’re already feeling sick, their spinning will depend on the type of the disease, according to a study dealing with this phenomenon.

Perfect for asthmatics

The frequencies of the cat’s spins are beneficial to respiratory organs, which are the most useful for asthmatics. There are testimonials of chronic asthmatics who have acquired a cat precisely for this illness, and since then, they have greatly reduced the number of drugs. Of course, one of the main conditions is that you are NOT allergic to the cat’s hair.

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