Category: Covid-19

Learn about the latest coronavirus related topics. Let’s overcome this world problem together.

While the coronavirus pandemic is still causing problems around the world, social distancing is still key to preventing its spread. However, one girl found a way to hug her grandparents. The “hug curtain” is her phenomenal invention! Because of quarantine, many people are separated from their loved ones because physical contact poses a risk, especially […]
Famous American singer Pink announced that she is positive for coronavirus, as well as donating $ 500,000 each to two emergency services. She added that members of her family are already in home isolation and are coronavirus negative, AP reports. The Gremi winner has pledged free and widespread testing. “The failure of the authorities is […]
Google has begun releasing information on people’s locations and movements to help officials monitor people’s compliance and stay at home during a coronavirus pandemic Google announced today that it is publishing aggregate, anonymous data from 131 countries to track people’s movements over different time periods. Information is collected from Google Maps, other applications, and services, […]
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